Intuition – When you know that you know

Evan Ansot,

Is a veteran of the United States Navy, has traveled to several countries around the world learning of different peoples and cultures. As a man who loves and cherishes nature, he lives with his family in the Manistee National Forest of northern Michigan.

Evan has written and published six different books.

  1. The Great Awakening
  2. Thy Kingdom Come
  3. Blood Royal
  4. Archangel
  5. End Of The Age
  6. As Above So Below

He is an acclaimed author on subject such as spiritualism and his books are extremely thought provoking and a must to read for anyone into this realm.

In this blog Evan talks about Intuition and what it means to him.

What is intuition? Is it a gut feeling that lets you know when something or someone, is or isn’t right for you? Is it goose bumps that confirm an idea or feeling that you have? Is it a thought, or an idea, that just seems to pop inside our heads out of nowhere? Is it a frequency that we tune in to? Is it all of the above?

First off, we need to keep in mind that we are all multidimensional beings, capable of connecting with ourselves on many different levels. We have a soul, a spirit, a mind, and a body. The soul is, the spirit feels, the mind thinks, and the body does. Intuition is when a deeper part of ourselves has connected to our present mind and body. The soul is sending us a message via the spirit, mind, or the body. The soul, the deepest part of ourselves. That part which is connected to the divine, at times will send us messages which will aid in our spiritual growth. The soul knows all things, and will guide, and at times facilitate our chosen paths. The paths we all agreed upon before we came into our latest incarnation. Therefore, the soul will use any means available to transmit its messages to us. It will send us signals via the body. These signals may include goose bumps, a gut feeling inside, hairs on our necks standing straight up, or any other feelings of energy that the soul wishes to send. It will send us signals via the mind. This may be a new thought or idea on something that has been plaguing us. We may be stumped over an issue, when voila, out of nowhere, the answer is crystal clear. That light bulb moment when we know the answer to a question.

The Great Awakening

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The soul will also send to us signals via the spirit. This occurs often in a dream state. A place when our mind and bodies are shut down for the evening, enabling our spirits to receive messages. Therefore, many dreams and visions occur during these time periods. Or it can occur when a person is in a meditative state. Many “third eye” visions occur when a person has reached a deep meditative or contemplative state of mind. Enabling the soul to break through. Reception is the key. Keeping an open mind enables these messages to come through. Keeping a clear state of being also helps.

A balanced energy within ourselves also promotes messages from our souls. Intuition is like a muscle. The more one exercises this muscle, the stronger it becomes. The more one “trusts” these messages it’s receiving, the greater the development of intuition. Therefore, belief comes into play. But the bottom line of intuition is that it is a message from our souls to our minds, bodies, or spirits. A message from our self to our self. From the deeper parts of us, to the present day us.

Evan Ansot

Intuitive Team Motivation

Motivating a team of people can be a huge challenge.

Some teams are all on the same page and work harmoniously together while others appear to be on opposite ends of the scale. It’s a full time job just sorting them out let alone trying to motivate them all to move forward together. But it doesn’t need to be hard. In fact it can be enjoyable for all team members as they get something out of it. It can be a win-win situation and (can I say this in a business environment) it can be fun.

Intuitive Team Motivation bypass’s all the theoretical jargon and goes directly to the source of the problem. Knowing what motivates your individual team members. Yes, I know that sometimes the Team Members are not aware of what motivates them but you don’t need to ask them. You can find out in another way, intuitively.

Team motivation is about concentrating on the team’s goal or project and then determining the success of it. If you can sidestep the logical thinking side of the teams’ brains and tap into their creative solving side you can discover answers you didn’t know you were seeking.

The logical or left brain will often response or react in ways that are expected or the norm. The left brain usually thinks in a manner that is already known or experienced prior. It focuses on the verbal, analytical and orderly. Things like reading, writing and computations with a very linear way of thinking.

The right brain is more visual and intuitive. It has a more creative and less organized way of thinking bringing in the imagination, arts and creativity. It has a very holistic way of thinking. We know the two sides of our brain are different, but it doesn’t mean we use only one side at the time. However to get to the base of how people are motivated we need to ensure you tap into the right side of the brain. This allows people to express themselves without the left side’s logical thoughts manipulating the outcome.

One of the best ways to tap into the right brain is through drawing.

To discover how to motivate your team as a group and as individuals is to ask them to draw something and then assess it.

What type of motivation

The use or format of the paper can reflect how we see the world and what motivates us in life. Most images are presented in a portrait or landscape format and the presentation represents the individual’s prominent motivational outlook in life. The two formats relate to motivation in a positive and negative aspect. As the format is the first thing that is viewed in an image, it relates directly but subtly to how the world also views us.

The thought processes required

Thought processes help to determine the way people pick up or require information delivered to them. Some people like the big picture or concepts delivered to them first before they can breakdown the details whereas others work from the details up. This is shown in how we present the style of drawing. You can see if the image has been drawn quickly and simply with the brief outlines or if the image has more details in it.

The perception of the goal

big-yellow-daisy-intuitive-nature-e1519616417221.jpgA person’s perception is the collection of qualities they possess and can be defined through the size of the image that has been drawn. The decision about the image being large or small is dependent on who is doing the analysis and how they perceive it. The larger the size of the image compared to the paper size the more extraverted is the perception of the project or goal and the smaller the image the more introverted the person is about it.

This image suggests the person’s perception of the upcoming seminar as something very important to her or she may feel it is overwhelming her and really in her face.

Other areas you can also understand include:

  • What the main focus is about – The Task or Goal
  • What behaviours are needed to achieve the goal – Aggressive or Passive
  • The sort of drive that underlies the motivation – Individual or Community
  • What the attraction is towards the goal – Size, Shape and Number

I know you’re thinking, ‘all this just from a simple drawing.’

Yes it’s true. You can determine what motivates your team just by using this simple technique but of course then you need to follow it through.

Using the right language and targeting the right aspect of each team member will give you the best group going forward. For example if you wanted to give a pay rise to someone concentrate on what it could mean for people with different underlying drives. Those with an individual drive would respond better to ‘Now you can look at getting that sports car you wanted’. However for someone who has community drive make it all about their community or family. ‘Now you can look at getting that bigger family car you wanted’. Similar words that instigate a different drive to motivate. Remember, however that this person could be completely different outside of this project or work environment.

Setting aside the left brain and allowing the right side of the brain to come forward will give you and your team insights you may not have been aware of. Not only will you, as Team Leaders, understand what makes your team members tick, your team members will learn a little more about themselves. They will understand the best action for them to take to achieve their goals and the goals of the business.

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Happy Drawing.


What is Emotional Intelligence?

Learning the hard way

I come from a background that included a 20 year emotionally abusive relationship thus I needed to understand what emotions where, what they are about and why we have them. I developed Emotional Intelligence the hard way like most of us, through trail and error. What feels emotionally good for one person may not have the same outcome to another.

Gaining emotional intelligence about your own feelings is the first step. Learning more about YOU helps you know what you like and dislike. However understanding other people’s emotions and not taking them on board as your own is the true essence of Emotional Intelligence. Reacting and responding to other people’s emotions is NOT emotional Intelligence.

But why?

Emotions are used by our physical and spiritual bodies to communicate with each other. They are guiding feelings to let us know what we like or dislike. They come from our spirit and are used to communicate to the physical body therefore acting or responding to other peoples emotions is not in line with you true core values or spirit. When other people coerce, manipulate or use emotions to sway or change you and it is not in line with you is a form of Emotional Abuse and the opposite to Emotional Intelligence.

I experience Emotional Abuse for over 20 years before I understood what it was and what I could do about it. That was to create Emotional Intelligence within myself which I did and continue to nurture and grow.

It doesn’t matter how you get your understanding the fact is once you know and feel it you cannot ever undo that knowing. You may forget what it feels like but that knowing will always come through in some way.

Being Emotionally Intelligent means knowing if the emotions belong to you or to someone else and then what you choose to do with those feelings.

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Through the eyes of a Sports Trainer

I am a professional sports trainer for the Brisbane Roar Women’s league under 17’s. It is the feeder team to the National Women’s League for Brisbane Roar Football and where the football talent scouts search for upcoming Matilda’s to play in the Australian team.

When I was young I played a lot of sport, I owned a dance school with my sister before I turned 18 years old but it wasn’t until I had my three children that I noticed things change. My time wasn’t my own as I taxied my children to their sporting grounds. My rule was the children had to play one sport per year and they had to stick to it for the designated season. This meant the children had to pick a sport that suited them, not just their friends, because they were committed for the season.

SLM 3 - Copy.jpgComing from a sporting background I guess my children didn’t have trouble finding their chosen field with one going for hockey and two heading to the soccer fields. For a while I played women’s soccer with my youngest daughter in the same team but injury was proving to reduce my play time on field and increase my talk time off field. So I used this to my advantage.

I started helping out in the first aid shed and it wasn’t long until I participated in the training as a Sports Trainer. I could watch my children play and still continue doing what I loved, being involved in the health of a sporting community. This has continued off and on for over 20 years now and I’m still encouraging the young ones to go on the field with a good mind set and positive intentions.

As a sports trainer my passion for positive mindset, yoga and meditation along with strapping, warm downs and ice baths has lead me to travel away with teams. At the Boys Nationals each year I teach them yoga stretches and meditation as the only female delegate in the squad of 130+ players and officials. Sadly the girls or women’s league do not get these privileges and it is based purely on finances. The ladies/girls do it tougher than the men in that department so having the support of family members is of the upmost importance.

What I have noticed over the years is that there is a sport or an aspect of a sport that suits everyone. It is a matter of trying different ones until you find your best fit but give each sport a season to get used to it and to become involved properly. Make sure you have your family support if you are not supporting yourself but most of all enjoy it. If you enjoy it the hours and time you put into it will always be fun, even during the hard times.

One young lady (14 years old) came up to me the other day and said ‘If I walk away during training it’s because I need some time to regroup’. I said ‘that’s ok and thank you for letting me know. Can I do anything to help?’ She said ‘No, I’ve just had a hard day today and came to training to get away from it for a while. We cremated Dad today and everyone is at our place for it’. The sporting field is not just for playing sports we play out our lives on them.

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The Meaning Behind Common Dreams

Analysing dreams has become a big business subject with thousands of books, internet webpages and online magazines discussing what they mean. It seems everyone has a meaning for the things we dream about and there are millions of different signs and symbols that can relate to us in our dreaming state.

However I have found that before we focus on the signs and symbols that are within our dream we should look at what area in your life is your dream attracting your attention towards. Dreams are created by the subconscious to attract our attention to something, such as a belief, an action or a situation, so narrowing down where the area of attention is helps enormously.

How we work out the area of attention is by noticing who is in the dream or where the dream is taking place.

If your dream has people from work in it then the dream relates to your work life and the symbols inside the dream reflect on your work, career or business life. If your dream has family members in it then the dream explanation should take into consideration that attention is closer to home. It could be about that family member or your relationship with them. If your dream is of the past where you felt you were young again it is reflecting back into a childhood thought or belief. Read the symbols and signs with that in mind but if your dream doesn’t cover off on an environment, another person or a past situation then it is about you and what is happening in your life now.


So if you can narrow down the area of attention to where or what your dream is trying to draw your attention towards then reading the signs and symbols becomes easier and more targeted. The dream starts to make more sense and you become more aware of what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Dream analysis is just another way for your intuition to get in contact with you. The symbols will relate to you in some way. shape or form.

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How do you spend your Money?

Most of us will find that we spend our money on the things that require our most urgent attention such as bills, expenses and the needs around our life circumstances. So it is a wonderful feeling when you have funds left over to spend it on what you really want, you know splurge on a secret passion of some sort. Whether it’s an opportunity to save money for that ever insistent rainy day as you excitingly watch the bank balance slowly increase, that new outfit you know will enhance your chances with the person-of-your-dreams next time they see you across a crowded room or to simply catching up on some ‘me’ time watching a movie at the local cinema.

We all have our desires to spend money on something we want.

What you spend your money on has a huge impact on your live and the direction you want to take, but did you know that there are three main areas you direct your spending towards. Only three areas that can determine if you’re feeling abundant or still feel like you are financially struggling.

Let me start off by saying there is no ‘right or wrong’ response to this. What we spend our money on is part of our personality, our belief system and it’s all about being in touch with the real you.Money

Aesthetics: Physical Connections

  • Arts – Appealing to the Senses. Absorbing.
  • Beauty – Personal Enhancements. Visually Appealing Surroundings.
  • The Senses – Taste. Touch. Sight. Sound. Smell. Things that enhance these aspects.

Security:       Mental Connections

  • Financial Capital – Saving money. Investing. Building Businesses. Creating finances.
  • Education – Learning more. Developing the mind. Investing in the self.
  • Social Interactions – Connecting with like-minded people.

Freedom:     Spiritual Connections

  • Travel – Movement. Holidays. Getting out and about.
  • Donations – Church. Charities. Volunteering.
  • Recreational – Entertainment. Experiences. Living life to the fullest.

My partner is an Aesthetics spender and he likes to have beautiful things around him. He will always go for quality over quantity and shops in the higher end department and retail stores. If something doesn’t feel right to him it will be because the physical aspects are not coming through via the five physical senses. He will often bring something home only to return it because it doesn’t give him the aesthetics he was hoping for in his environment.

I, on the other hand, spend on security. Oh yes any spare coin always goes towards a non-fiction book that can teach me something I may not already know. I studied a university degree later in my life to improve my workplace security only to have all the Health Promotion positions be made redundant due to a change in the Government. That was six months after my three year course was completed. So what was I to do? Start a business, of course and write a non-fiction book. I’m sure my partner would rather see me get my nails painted than slog day and night over a key board breaking them off as I go. I know it’s crazy but I get ecstatic paying to go to a networking event with like-minded people but to pay to watch a movie in the cinema … err … no thanks, I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD,

unless it’s your shout.

Lucky enough, for our relationship, we both have Freedom as our second choice and this is where we naturally come together. When he says he wants to buy a caravan to go traveling around Australia, I’m more than happy to let him shop around for the quality he wants. If it means traveling and new experiences he can spend up big on the aesthetics as long as I have the security of continuing with my business while we go.

Some of the things you spend money on will cross over into the other areas however this is about how you see your spending activity. For example if you were reading an educational book about traveling would you see this as Freedom (travel) or Security (education)? Whatever you answered is correct for you but it could be different for someone else. When you understand your spending habits you have the option to change them, if you want to, but it can help you recognize why others spend the way they do and save a lot of grief. I find it amazing knowing that I can make easy confident decisions since I found this clarity in life.

Guess I better get out of my pyjamas now before he, who likes me at least dressed, gets home from work.

Bye for now

Susan Jane

At the Personal Growth Expo

Nicole Rose

Nicole is a rare blend of lawyer, artist and trainer. Nicole took the phrase ‘a picture says a thousand words’ and turned it into a business that combines workplace training with imagination and art. Nicole has merged her love of art and illustration with her 20 years of experience as an international Compliance specialist, trainer […]

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